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Welcome to Alpha Phi at OCU

Alpha Phi’s at Oklahoma City University share a genuine bond built around our ideals Character, Sisterhood, Innovation, and Generosity. We are proud to be a part of OCU's Greek community. Enjoy and explore our website to learn more about our chapter!

A Letter from our Chapter PresiDent


Welcome to Alpha Phi at Oklahoma City University! Since 1961, the Delta Delta chapter has been a leader in Greek life on our campus. Our sisterhood is comprised of authentic women dedicated to achieving excellence. Alpha Phis stand out for our philanthropic efforts, academic success, and our captivating sisterhood.

Choosing to be an Alpha Phi is by far the best decision I have made during my time at OCU. I have learned to be the best version of myself by being continually encouraged, inspired, and challenged by my sisters. My biggest mentors are my Alpha Phi sisters and advisors, and I am thankful that they push me every day to be a better leader, woman, and sister. If you are looking for a sisterhood that will be a constant support system of unique, kind, authentic, intelligent women, Alpha Phi is the sisterhood for you.

Although we all share the same core ideals of character, sisterhood, innovation, and generosity, each of our members is celebrated for her individual qualities and characteristics that make her EXTRΑΦORDINARY. I invite you to spend some time on our website and our other social media pages to learn more about Alpha Phi at Oklahoma City University.

Love & AOE, 
Sireene Khader
Chapter President